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Frequently Asked Questions

Read through our frequently asked questions and if you need anything else please contact us for further support.


1. How do I sign up? 
To signup, simply click here or on any sign up link on our website then complete the form.

2. How do I post shifts?
To post open shifts, login using your credentials and fill out the shift posting form. Once completed the shift will be live on the YouSpace marketplace and professionals can apply.

3. How do I pay for completed shifts?
Facilities will be invoiced weekly for shifts completed.


1. How do I sign up? 
To signup, download the YouSpace app, fill out the registration form and upload your documents. Or you can also register from the sign up links on our website. 

2. How do I book shifts:
To book a shift just launch the mobile app on your phone and search for available shifts. When you find one you are interested in then click to apply. If approved you will be notified and provided additional details about the shift if necessary.

3. How do I get payed?
You will be payed every 5 days for every completed shift from the prior week. Your funds will be deposited in the bank account you set up on the app.

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